The Moonshine Network

If you’re looking for the latest news and events from Wisconsin bars and Wisconsin restaurants, you’ll find it at The Moonshine Network.  But first, let me tell you a little bit about us, the inspiration for this site, and why I hope you’ll find it indispensable in the future…

The catalyst for The Moonshine Network

It was a Friday night in early 2014, I was searching for bars and restaurants to pick up a Friday night meal for my family. I entered Google searches for food, bars, and food menus in the small town where we live, and was rewarded with a long list of search results. As expected, these were mostly from the two major directory services. They offered to help ‘advise me on my trip’ by providing me with local tasty food and drink offerings. Furthermore, I noticed that all of the establishments on the entire first page of results were identified as paid advertisements, many of which had information that was years old.  One listed bar had actually stopped serving food altogether 3 years prior!  In addition, bars advertised on that first page of ads weren’t even the closest bars to my home.

What I really wanted was simply to see current food menus and information about local bars and restaurants. Our free time was precious, and I didn’t want it spent driving from place to place, and being disappointed by what I actually found. My wife had owned a very successful bar and restaurant for over 20 years. When I helped out there I answered a steady stream of cold calls from the directory services above. They offered to give our business whole new levels of exposure in exchange for exorbitant fees. In exchange, they would tell our potential customers just how good our food was. Wisconsin needed a site that offered travelers as well as locals current and accurate information and menus from the best Wisconsin bars around.  And so The Moonshine Network, and hence the Moonshine Blog, were formed.

Why we’re different…

Along with developing websites for many bars and restaurants, we provide a reliable directory where their current and future customers now go to find their menus, events, and details about their special features

  • At The Moonshine Network, not everyone ‘makes the grade’. The typical bar and restaurant found within this directory will offer a good mix of food and adult beverages. Bars offering liquor but no food don’t make the cut. In the same regard, restaurants without adult beverages of some kind are unlikely to be found.
  • Search within a range you specify of your current location or a zip code or city you enter. (unlike Google, if you enter a search for places in Sheboygan, you won’t see paid ads for bars in Madison at the top!)
  • Search for places, events or categories that interest you such as craft beer, festivals, etc.
  • Build your list of favorite places, and watch for specials and happy hours.
  • Play trivia, and win valuable cash prizes! Find out how HERE

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